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Why should I hire a home performance contractor?

How would you like to reduce your home energy bills by at least forty percent and still feel comfortable regardless of the outside temperature? Hire a home-performance contractor.

He or she will start by evaluating where you, the homeowner, are currently spending your energy dollars. Next, a series of tests will reveal where back drafts, leaks, poor air flow, improperly installed insulation, and less-than-efficient equipment are costing you money. Only then will your home-performance contractor recommend solutions tailored to your heating and cooling needs.

Big box home improvement stores and manufacturers selling energy-efficient products tout their wares and their one-size-fits-all solutions. Don’t spend your hard-earned money needlessly. Instead, focus on your personalized home energy audit’s areas for improvement. You will see this is money well spent when you compare your before and after test results and energy bills.

Contact J. Schwartz LLC, a certified home-performance contractor, for your home energy audit and start saving on your home energy bills.


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