About J. Schwartz


Q. We want to build an addition, undergo a renovation, or build a new home; where do we start?
A. There are a few ways to go about this – but in any case, you’ve come to the right place! J. Schwartz LLC provides “Design-Build” services or can recommend an architect to you based on your specific needs. In either case, the first step is to call us to discuss your particular circumstances.

Q. What is Design-Build?
A.  Design-Build is construction project delivery system where the architecture and construction are all under one contract. This allows J. Schwartz LLC to work collaboratively from the beginning with the architect and client in order to insure the budget is held and the project goals are all met. This method of contracting also allows for the architecture to be rolled into a loan because it is all billed together.

Q. What is the construction process?
A. This is a great question that we have answered in the Services section of our website. However, please remember that the process will be tailored to your specific goals and project.

Q. Will I get a schedule for my project?
A. Yes, J. Schwartz LLC will provide you with a detailed schedule before your project begins. The schedule includes “owner decision dates” (when we require the client to make selections and decisions in order to meet the schedule), lead times for long-lead items, and milestones, such as inspection dates and move-in dates.

Q. Will we have to move out of the house during construction?
A. The answer is usually no. J. Schwartz LLC can make temporary kitchens and will do whatever we can in order to accommodate you. In the cases where it is required that the owner move out, we will schedule the work to alleviate this situation. All dates and timelines will be reviewed with you prior to the start of the work.

Q. We have heard about the stereotypical construction project that starts but then seems to stop without progress, does this happen on a J. Schwartz LLC project?
A. NO! Our projects are assigned to in-house supervisors and site laborers as necessary, with strong direct oversight by Joe Schwartz, himself. We build “start to finish” and this is one of the reasons that our clients refer us and call on us to do more work.

Q. What is a change order?
A. A change order is any change to the scope of your project. This may be an addition or a deduction to the overall project cost, depending on the circumstance. J. Schwartz LLC provides a detailed list of scope with the budget, so that all items in the project can be reviewed prior to the contract initiation.

Q. How does J. Schwartz LLC handle changes to the work?
A. J. Schwartz LLC knows that during your construction project you may wish to make changes, especially as your project begins to take shape. It is our desire to make the final product everything that you dream, and with that in mind we hope that you will always approach us with possible changes. J. Schwartz LLC will price every potential change for your approval prior to undertaking the change; we simply add an agreed percentage fee to the actual costs of the labor and material, so that you will know exactly what the cost represents. We feel that this allows for transparency in the process, and hope that it will make you feel comfortable approaching us with any request that you may have for your home.

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