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Doing a home energy audit? What to look for in a home performance contractor

If you are concerned about high heating and cooling costs, schedule a home energy audit. Look for a home-performance contractor like J. Schwartz LLC who

  • Is a Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified energy auditor
  • Analyzes general health and safety issues as part of the home inspection
  • Makes recommendations based on your unique energy use
  • Addresses moisture issues
  • Identifies problems with air leakage
  • Tests combustion appliances for safety and energy-efficiency
  • Checks for proper installation of insulation so it is performing at its R factor
  • Recommends multiple small ways to save big on energy costs
  • Informs you of the up-front cost of long-term savings
  • Performs before and after energy audits

Our Home Energy Audit is free of charge to J. Schwartz LLC clients doing remodeling or renovations. This service is also available to architects, contractors, and homeowners for a fee.


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