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As the economy remains stagnated, I am noticing more and more “do-it-yourself” web-sites popping up.  Some are comparing the do-it-yourself cost to the “cost of a professional”, and interestingly enough, many of the projects listed don’t have a very big spread between the two “options”; but that is not why I find these sites interesting.
As a professional remodeler, I (believe it or not), have expertise that has a value.  My expertise can not only lead me the proper cost of a project, but also the proper design, methodology, materials, scheduling, ordering, expediting, and quality control, as well as expertise on warranty issues.  I understand trends, I know what your neighbors did, are doing, and are considering doing – as I know what the market in general, is doing.
While a simple comparison of cost is easy, it is also completely careless and misses the most important parts of the picture – are you, the homeowner, an expert at this? Does the quality of the finished product matter to you (and will a do-it-yourself project actually lower your homes value)?  What is that quality worth?  Does the input of a professional have value to you?  
I leave the answers of those questions to you – although obviously I feel that  if anything, the services offered by a professional, caring and competent remodeler like J.Schwartz, LLC is invaluable, and cannot be calculated as a part of a “do it yourself, or not” chart.

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